Free Zoom Art Classes!

Find your Muse… Art classes online, FREE FOR ALL AGES! Open registration for anyone with a California mailing address!
How to register for free art classes at Santa Rosa Junior College:

STEP 1: If you haven’t already applied to Santa Rosa Junior College within the last two semesters, begin by completing the application here.
THEN, return to this page and do
STEP 2: E-mail the instructor, Adriane, with your name exactly as it appears on your SRJC registration, your date of birth, and the class(es) you wish to take, and can regularly attend, from the list below. Adriane will enroll you and send you a suggested supply list and Zoom link.

Summer Semester Classes Start the Week of June 27th, 2023 and end August 8th, 2023.

Section #DayTimeSubject
8412Tues2-4:30Watercolor Painting
8078Wed10-12:30Drawing- mostly with Watercolor pencils
8139Wed1-3:30Watercolor Painting
8591Thurs1-3:30Drawing– mostly with Watercolor Pencils
8074Fri10-12:30Portraits- using medium(s) of your choice
9001Fri1-3:30Watercolor Painting

Private Lessons

You are invited to sign up for very supportive private lessons with Adriane, either Zoom or in-person; affordably priced, flexible schedule.

A unique and wonderful gift for oneself and/or loved ones.

To learn more or for questions contact Adriane!

Adriane Hatkoff teaches these classes using Self-expression with an emphasis on various techniques.

Very encouraging, supportive and fun… Extremely luminous and vibrant, magical mediums to explore.

Individual attention given throughout with shared exercises or implementing your own images incorporating the taught technique for that week.

ALL classes are for every level of experience or no experience with open enrollment. Regular attendance required.